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The management of Import4You has been active in the logistics sector in China for a long time and takes care of the logistics process for companies such as C&A, Jack & Jones, WE fashion, and dozens of other similar companies. Thanks to our expertise and experience, you know that your cargo will be handled with great care.

We take care of the entire import and export process for you, from the supplier in China to your door. Leave the heavy lifting to us, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. We have contracts with various airlines and shipping companies. Due to the high volume that we send weekly, we can guarantee you the best rates.

Customer service is our top priority and we aim to respond to all our customers within 30 minutes via our live chat or email. In the current world of E-commerce, it is very important to be able to switch quickly. We have more than 125 trucks available for the delivery of your goods so that we can deliver your goods from stock to their destination within 24 hours.

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The faces behind Import4You


My name is Thierry, and I have more than 15 years of experience with the Chinese economy and culture. From leading productions for chain stores, social compliance to the complete import and export process.

I have worked with a wide range of customers and suppliers worldwide, building a wide network of contacts in China. My first visit to China was when I was 16 years old and since then I have been there at least once a year to maintain my contacts. I also have staff in Shanghai, Wenzhou and Shenzhen, which means that I am even closer to the market and that I can switch faster due to the time difference.

It soon became clear that my passion lay with logistics. With the rise of E-commerce in recent years, it struck me that alternative parties that specialize in this often fall short in the field of customer service, or charge very high rates. Import4You was soon born with the aim of offering a reliable, accessible and affordable service to this sector.




My name is Daniël, and I am the co founder of Import4You.

Since 2017 I have been active in the E-commerce world. At the time I started my own webshop and sold products on online platforms such as In the years that I have been actively involved in this, I discovered that there were many difficult processes involved, from the research process in China to shipping your products to the Netherlands.

Often services could be found that could help you with these processes, but I often had the feeling that those services could be even better. This is how my enormous passion arose to set up services that make the life of an E-commerce entrepreneur a bit easier and that really stand for quality.




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